Must We Struggle Through our Struggles?

Stay positive. Have a good attitude. Have faith. Focus on something else. I can be patient. I can do hard things. It’s not as hard a trial as I thought. 

I think we all give ourselves a version of this pep talk when we are experiencing a trial or enduring a particularly difficult experience. I know I have.  We want to psych ourselves up; We are good people and we are strong. This trial isn’t as trying as you would think. People can’t even tell I am having a hard time, right? So people who look close shouldn’t be able to tell either. Right? Continue reading Must We Struggle Through our Struggles?



I remember when I was 11 or 12 years old and was making myself a snack in the kitchen. I am a proud lover of all things fruit and vegetable and decided to have an apple for a snack. So I got out our handy apple slicer. I was having a bit of trouble getting it to cut through the apple, and before I knew it I was bleeding. Like a lot. And it hurt. A lot. Thankfully it was Saturday, so my dad was there to help.

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