Finding Courage in Motherhood

My motherhood journey did not get off to a smooth start. Just two days a mother, I had more than one nurse shaming me, making me feel bad for my little boy who was having trouble nursing and keeping his blood sugar up.

I soon realized that the nursing staff was all over the place, but it still left me feeling more inadequate than I would have liked as we headed home at the end of the week.

Motherhood is one of the top shame triggers for women, among appearance, body image, being stereotyped and other topics. Sometimes shame can happen from outside sources, whether intended or not. But it can also come from our own thoughts, even our insecurities.

I longed to be a mother for years, and it was difficult to not feel inadequate trying to breastfeed twins with unhelpful comments from nurses.

I had hoped once coming home and getting settled in, I would find my groove. And I did. But months later, I found myself in a moment of shame once again. But this time I was ashamed of my feelings. Postpartum Depression had surfaced in a quick and surprising way.

My good friend (and fellow writer) Cindy asked me to share more of my journey through postpartum depression, and shame. I wanted to share how I found courage to ask for help, to reach out and to begin to help others through sharing my story.

After months of writing and rewriting and finding healing through writing about my experience, this essay emerged from the page.

Click the link here or picture below to read “Finding Courage in Motherhood“, the essay I wrote for Cindy and her Women need Women campaign.

Because we really do need each other.

Thank you for helping me see that, even more than before, Cindy.

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