My Birthday Wish

Sometimes I stand in awe of the beauty of life. When the littlest thing can touch my very being. When the majesty of love and friendship and connection and the beauty of God’s creations take my breath away.

I stand in awe of the way you make me feel when you hold me close and protect me with your love. When I feel safe because of your confidence in me. When your words buoy me up.

I feel completely surrounded by beauty when the soft autumn rain falls on the warm pavement and the earth somehow feels like its embracing me. I cannot seem to grasp yet still how far I have come, the mountains I have climbed, the valleys I have endured, and the deep caves I have gained strength to climb out of. When I am able to see myself as the combination of the woman I have become because of every emotion I let in, I see the beauty in this life. And the beauty in my struggle. Struggle to do well, to do good to reach up and to forgive.

I begin to understand that the beauty I have come to recognize also included some ash. And I see how gracefully I really have risen. While it may have seemed messy, I had more than a touch of the divine in my life. I am made of it. This journey has not been for me to find an ounce of divinity in the ordinary, but to finally see that I must remove the ordinary to make room and give voice to the truest more accurate piece of me – the divine goddess. I stand in awe of the beauty of this earth. The beauty of my scars. the true divinity within me. At times I doubt, but only to have my eyes opened as the rain glistens on my face and reveals the true worth beneath.

My birthday wish is that every girl stand in awe of those beautiful things around her – the vast earth, the soul-changing beauty of a heartfelt melody, the raw courage in creating a piece of art, the smiling flowers, the shade trees, and the covering clouds, but also in herself.

We are of divine creation. No one can take that fact away. It is only our self-doubt that blurs that notion. I wish every woman and girl could see the splendor in triumph and the ugliness of self-doubt. Wipe your eyes and see. See what is really there. What has been there all along. Majesty.



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